Monthly Archives: September 2009

Wikinomics On The Go

If you were holding off on buying a mobile phone until Wikinomics was mobile-accessible, the time to upgrade has come! Simply load up from your iPhone, Android, Pre or other smartphone to browse the …   Read more

The Dark Side Of Political Discourse On The Internet

This article by Anand Giridharadas in The New York Times Week in Review section is the first I’ve seen (there must be others elsewhere) that broaches a topic that has been on my mind for …   Read more

Charting Emotions

One of the emerging themes from our research is the notion of the “highly-instrumented” enterprise environment. Data is everywhere – new types of data that we didn’t previously have access to. You can think of …   Read more

Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Index

In previous posts I’ve written about efforts to develop scorecards and ratings for companies and individual products. These efforts try to quantify the environmental and social costs associated with production so that consumers can make …   Read more

Hegeling For The Economic Center Of Society: The Internet Vs. The Financial System

The idea that most captured my thinking while at school was Hegel’s process of History. Think of History as a marketplace of ideas that happens over time. At the highest level there are competing approaches …   Read more

Mad Men And The Executive Assistant 2.0

I was watching the AMC show Mad Men over the weekend and it occurred to me that if I had my position as a knowledge worker in an organization 40 years ago, I’d probably have …   Read more