Monthly Archives: October 2009

So Long, Geocities!

Today is the end of an era. Yahoo! is finally pulling the plug on GeoCities, the staple web1.0 web page publishing service for the masses. Through a modern lens any given Geocities site was like …   Read more

Welcome To The Machine

There’s no shortage of techno-cautionary sci-fi literature out there, but the piece that recently caught my attention is remarkable in that it was written 100 years ago and yet is eerily relevant today. A few …   Read more

Network Neutrality: The Path Of Least Resistance To The Lowest Common Denominator

Network Neutrality, as a topic, has a reputation for being simultaneously important and ignored. It sounds great: everyone has equal ability to share their ideas; large media companies and “citizen journalists/content creators” compete directly with …   Read more

A Future Vision Of CRM

Several weeks ago, my colleague Brian wrote about the emergence of Social CRM. The conversation touched on new applications of technology and analytics to help improve customer engagement and generate insight for the enterprise. I …   Read more

Are Social Media Elitist?

Several pieces I read recently, as well as a conversation with a friend, have me questioning whether the crowd around social media is elitist, whether I am elitist. The first piece that planted a seed …   Read more