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Playbor: When Work And Fun Coincide

People are busy and increasingly pulled in many directions: working, raising a family, maintaining a home, pursuing personal ambitions, and socializing with friends are all conflicting interests vying for an individual’s time. One of the …   Read more

Security, Security, Security…

Employees are the weak link in security. Everyone knows that, right? You just cannot trust them not to open phishing emails and click on links that take them to bad places and allow intruders access …   Read more Features Global Problem-solving Podcast has a little write up of my conversation with Dave Witzel and Jerry Michalski earlier today. The post on does a decent job of capturing the main thesis, but the conversation itself covered more ground, including some reflections on the changing roles of business, government and individual citizens in addressing environmental problems and a discussion about how social innovations that reach across borders and cultures will challenge traditional conceptions of democracy   Read more

The Dangers Of GeoTweeting:

Last summer, while on vacation, a blogger tweeted about being away from home–tweets that he believed led to burglars breaking into his house and robbing him while on his vacation. While there was never any …   Read more

Self-destructing Data: The Return Of Internet Privacy

There is no such thing as privacy on the Internet anymore—anything you say or do lives on ad infinitum in Internet memory. In the intro of his Harvard paper, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger notes that “In March …   Read more

Are We Headed For More Isolation?

The research team here at nGenera were having a conversation yesterday about how being more social and collaborative at work, using technologies such as collaboration platform software, might change the workplace, even the structure of …   Read more

Marketing On The Cheap Thanks To Spontaneous (mainstream) Internet Culture

Viral marketing seems like something of the holy grail for advertisers: it’s very cheap, turns peers into pushers, and is impossible to stop once it attains gains enough inertia. But designing a message to go …   Read more

Innovating The 21st-century University

In the current issue of EDUCAUSE Review, Anthony D. Williams and I have a 6,000-word essay discussing the urgent issues facing universities, that left unresolved, would see intuitions of higher learning going into a death …   Read more

Rebooting The University

In the forthcoming Macrowikinomics , Don Tapscott and I will be arguing that we’ve gone beyond wikinomics to a more encompassing societal shift as businesses and communities bypass crumbling institutions and old ways of doing business.   Read more

My Top Ten Themes From 2010 Davos, Part 2

The World Economic Forum has wrapped up and the small town of Davos is being returned to the skiers. I’ve developed my top ten themes from the five-day event. I posted themes 1 – 5 …   Read more