Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Most Open And Accessible Record Of U.S. Government Spending Ever (in 6 Sq Ft)

I just came across the 2011 edition of an awesome info-graphic Death & Taxes, from 29-year-old graphic designer (and obvious data junkie) Jess Bachman. I think this is a great example of what Nick Vitalari …   Read more

The Capitalist Crisis – Who Does What Next?

Last week’s fraud charges against Goldman Sachs were a wake-up call that trouble still lies ahead for Wall Street. With the global economy remaining stalled, the deepening jobs crisis, a looming commercial real-estate meltdown and …   Read more

Right Values

I opt in to way more email notifications than I can keep up with. It’s a default attitude: “I might need to know something about this, so I’d better get this stuff sent to me.” …   Read more

OKCupid: For The Love Of Data

If you’re not reading OKCupid’s blog, OKTrends, you should be. Even if you have no interest in online dating, this is a site that will entertain and educate you with data-driven posts about the science …   Read more

The Retail Experience Of Tomorrow: The Same But Very Different

The last couple of month’s I’ve been looking at an area called “process mining”– it’s similar to reality mining, but with the goal of figuring out how structured processes, performed by humans, can be tracked and measured …   Read more