Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Privacy Discussion We Need To Have

I’ve written previously about gleaning insight into consumer habits by looking at log files, and profiled the so-called “bot mediated reality” of security consultant turned fiction author Daniel Suarez. So, when facebook’s latest privacy debacle …   Read more

Social Media: Prelude To … The Good Old Ways?

I just read Peter Cappelli’s post at Human Resource Executive Online, The Promise and Limitations of Social Media. I have to respectfully disagree with the objections raised and with the conclusion. Cappelli lists the advantages …   Read more

It's Like I Thought.

New research – well worth reading – from Accenture on data privacy shows that only 3% of people (15,000 individual adult-age respondents) consider privacy “most important” when participating in online social networks, blogs, or wikis. …   Read more

Facebook = Evil. Quit Now Or Die!

Okay, I don’t mean that. What I really mean is, fix your privacy settings, think about what you are posting if you have anything like a job or a future at stake, and get on …   Read more

“The Data-Driven Life”: Who’s Not Interested In Discovery?

Gary Wolf writes in The New York Times about self-measurement, the desire of some people to measure what they do, say, think, eat, and more, sometimes just for the sake of doing it and other …   Read more

Hothouse Innovation Redux: The World “upside Down”

Recently The Economist released a feature report on how innovation in emerging markets may be eclipsing innovation in North America. The report, The world turned upside down (click “Buy PDF” for a complimentary copy courtesy …   Read more

A Rough Week For Facebook (and The Privacy Of Facebook Users)

Early last week a blog post titled Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook starting making the rounds. The article has been followed by a dogpile of evidence supporting any decision to quit the site. …   Read more

Is “” An Internet Inevitability?

I just heard about the site Unvarnished in Jeremiah Owyang’s daily email, and decided to check it out. It is still in beta. I think people need to read this page to draw their own …   Read more