Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Usefulness And Validity Of Surveys And Data

I recently had a “discussion” with a friend of my wife’s who argued, in essence, that data from surveys are invalid unless the data are perfect. By perfect, she appeared to mean that no “statistically …   Read more

Design Charrettes For Platform Projects

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a friend who introduced me to the concept of design charrettes (no, it’s not a classy version of Chat Roulette). A design charrette is a way to …   Read more

The Real Truth Behind Fake Steve

“Truthiness” is probably the best word to describe The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, a blog that more often than not does too good a job at parodying what Steve Jobs might be thinking on …   Read more

Measure The Collaboration That’s Already Going On

nGenera has been thinking about, writing about, and doing primary research about collaboration long enough to understand that “collaborate” is not a command, it’s a culture, a climate inside an organization that requires more thinking …   Read more

The Net Gen: Too Plugged-in For Parenting?

Actually, the title of this post should really be, “The Net Gen: Too connected to wireless devices, social media, and ‘always-on’ technologies for parenting,” but “plugged-in” just sounded better. In fact, fewer of us are …   Read more

Technical Difficulties

Wikinomics is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. I’ve switched the site to a simpler theme so that content is still accessible while we work to fix everything. Update: We’re back in action!

Is Loss Of Privacy A Risk Of Working In 2010?

I recently saw articles on Social Sentry from Teneros, which enables employers to monitor in real time employees’ social networking activity for potentially damaging posts or information, and UDiligence, which does similar work for universities, …   Read more

The Impending Demise Of The University

Universities are finally losing their monopoly on higher learning, as the web inexorably becomes the dominant infrastructure for knowledge serving both as a container and as a global platform for knowledge exchange between people.   Read more

Are You Addicted To Social Media?

Last year, former Wikinomics blogger Jeff Perron interviewed Jim Stolze on the virtues of social interaction on the web, posing the rather esoteric question: Does the web make us happy? Related to this, I recently …   Read more