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Will Facebook Be Your CRM Provider?

According to the Facebook blog (as of April 2010), the average Facebook user “Likes” nine pieces of content very month. With over half a billion users worldwide, that translates to more than 4.5 billion Likes …   Read more

Survey: How Are You Using Facebook, Twitter, Smart Phones, And Other Technology Platforms?

We know that companies can create competitive advantage through collaborative platforms—from internal, project-specific wikis all the way to Twitter, Facebook, and beyond. But how are platforms actually being used to interact with customers, collaborate with …   Read more

Macrowikinomics Discovery Day

To celebrate the launch of Macrowikinomics, we are thrilled to be announcing that we’ll be hosting Discovery Day on 10.10.10, one global day to celebrate collaboration, innovation and the web, and to help connect people …   Read more

World Economic Forum: Rebooting The World For The New Realities

World Economic Forum Blog

The Internet is a new medium of communications and a new engine of innovation and wealth creation that radically drops collaboration costs. It profoundly changes the way we can orchestrate capability to innovate, to make …   Read more

Toronto Star Features Macrowikinomics

A Turning Point in History
“The good news is that society now has at its disposal the most powerful platform ever for bringing together the people, skills and knowledge we need to solve many of the issues plaguing the world.”
Solving the World’s Problems by Internet
“Macrowikinomics makes the claim that mass collaboration over the web can help address issues such as health care, transportation and even climate change.”
Five Easy Pieces
“Today, however, the collaboration and social connections of the Internet (half a billion Facebook users, for example) mean people in business, government, and society at large have powerful new tools for reinventing our institutions around a new set of organizing principles for the twenty-first century.”   Read more

The Economist Reviews Macrowikinomics

With just 5 days to go before the official book launch, media reviews are going to start flooding in. Today, The Economist writes The wiki way: Two cyber-gurus take a second look at how the internet is changing the world.   Read more

Citizens As Scientists

Earlier this week the New York Times Bits blog had a post about a new research project at ARM Holdings, the British chip designer.   Called mbed, ARM has put together a kit for a microcontroller, …   Read more

Netflix: Premium Cable’s Worst Nightmare

This week’s Bloomberg Businessweek discusses Netflix’s relentless expansion as the DVD-by-mail service makes even better use of the Internet.  Instead of relying on the US Postal Service to deliver its product, Netflix is increasingly streaming …   Read more

Apple’s Apps | Google’s Web: What Is The Future Of The Internet?

It happened ever so sneakily-–just as we were celebrating the demise of old media companies and rejoicing in the new freedom of the web, it’s gone. While we were busy thinking the internet revolution would …   Read more

Republican “Climate Zombies” Poised To Control US Senate?

The hopes of any meaningful action on climate change emanating from the US Government could be quashed if, as expected, Republican candidates fare well in the upcoming elections. According to the Wonk Room, a blog run by the Center …   Read more