Monthly Archives: October 2010

Getting Out The Vote – There’s An App For That

Last week I had a conversation with the Toronto Star about a Facebook app being used by California Democrats to mobilize supporters in the run-up to this week’s mid-term elections. The app, called Friend Out the …   Read more

What’s Worse: Facebook Breaches Or Scraping?

The latest Facebook-related privacy breach is much ado about little, according to several observers. Larry Magid, writing at Huffington Post Technology, explains what happened this way: “The culprit in this case is not bad intentions …   Read more Unites Activists From Around The World

If you want to see the beauty of Wikinomics in action and be inspired by a great network of people, check out It is an international campaign devoted to uniting the world around solutions …   Read more

DRM And Us

Cory Doctorow says he does not tell artists to give their work away for free, as some people incorrectly claim, and anyone who thinks he does is wrong. He just believes that preventing copying is …   Read more

View Live Video Of The Social Capital Conference

The Social Capital Conference (SOCAP), the largest gathering of people and institutions working to infuse capitalism with new strategic initiatives for social good, gets underway today in San Francisco.  The conference runs three days, and …   Read more