Monthly Archives: December 2010

We’re Opening Up Three New Areas Of Discussion

Macrowikinomics discusses a large number of institutions that are both failing and being renewed on a networked model. But there are additional sectors of society in urgent need of Wikinomics treatment, and three of the …   Read more

The Food Trade Off

Guest author Moritz Kettler says the world is starving & mass food production is making people & the environment sick. How can the food industry change for the age of networked intelligence?   Read more

Finding The “CRM” In Social CRM

Social CRM (SCRM) is an overused buzz word among software vendors and companies alike. One of the problems this creates is that it has become very difficult to properly define exactly what constitutes SCRM and …   Read more

Will WikiLeaks Set Back Open Government

In the wake of yet another massive disclosure of compromising US government secrets, it’s worth reflecting on whether Wikileaks is helping or in fact undermining the transparency movement in the United States and abroad. To …   Read more

Big Idea From Dubai: A Global Risk Management Commons

One of the most important sessions at the Global Agenda Council Summit in Dubai addressed the issue of Managing Global Risks.  We are moving into an age where profound threats are emerging to the global …   Read more

In Dubai Everything Is Connected To Everything Else

At the meeting of the Global Agenda Councils in Dubai it seems that everything is connected to everything else.  One day into it my Council on Informed Societies has had joint discussions with at least …   Read more