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Awakening Freedom’s Allies: Thoughts On Egypt, Youth Bulges And Economic Growth

As one watches the events unfold in Cairo, it’s impossible not to feel sympathy for the Egyptian citizens who want, more than anything, to share the values of freedom and openness, but must risk life …   Read more

A Regulatory System That Learns And Improves

In my previous post I discussed why the Obama administration is right to make renewing America’s regulatory system a priority. We already have a situation where citizens armed with information are drawing attention to many …   Read more

Regulatory Innovation The Next Frontier For Open Government

Earlier this week Obama issued a call to renew America’s regulatory system and not a moment too soon. A string of events over the past couple of years have underscored just how strained and ineffectual …   Read more

Tunisia, Egypt And The Coming Generational Explosion

The anti-government uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt are featuring prominently in discussions here at Davos. And rightly so. The world is a powder keg as a demographic tidal wave of young people enter a jobless …   Read more

New Models For The New Realities

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of hosting a session on the new realities with the World Economic Forum’s community of young global leaders. The session addressed the question: If structural change is becoming the …   Read more

The Globe And Mail: How To Take Part In Davos From Afar

Wish you were in Davos but didn’t get an invite? Do the next best thing: participate online. The Forum is using familiar social media tools to make its proceedings more open and help the public …   Read more How To Take Part In Davos From Afar

If you can’t be in Davos, do the next best thing: participate online. The Forum is using social media to make its proceedings more visible and help the public engage with attendees. The Forum wants …   Read more

While Think Tanks Abound, Davos Has Become A ‘Do’ Tank

I have attended the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos for a dozen years and I can’t recall a more important session than the one that starts Wednesday. Let’s face it – the world …   Read more

Bringing Networked Intelligence To Life

Guest author Jennifer Corriero, TakingITGlobal co-founder, explores how Macrowikinomics explodes openness, collaboration, integrity, sharing & interdependence.   Read more

Big Themes For 2011

As I expected 2011 is already turning out to be a volatile and interesting year. Many have asked me for my views on what to expect so I thought I’d jot down a few belated …   Read more