Monthly Archives: February 2011

A New Kind Of Revolution

In Tunisia or Egypt, there’s no George Washington or Mao Zedong ready to take power. So who or what is going to take charge? Throughout history, revolutions always had leadership. Leaders articulated ambitions, co-ordinated logistics …   Read more

The State Of The World: 10 Belated Reflections On 2011 Davos

It is my custom after attending Davos to formulate my top 10 reflections. These are not necessarily the top issues discussed at Davos but rather some observations about the state of the world. 1. The …   Read more

Universal Benchmarking And The Climate Change Crisis

For guest author Ron Dembo, Founder & CEO of ZeroFootprint, Wikinomics’ transparency is an opportunity for pragmatic benchmarking to solve climate challenges.   Read more

A 21st Century Innovation Economy Needs More Digital Public Goods

In the formative years of the industrial revolution it quickly became evident that economic progress depended upon substantial investments in public goods. The economy needed a growing supply of educated workers, so the government created …   Read more

Actually, “Facebook For The Enterprise” Is Exactly What You Need

In a recent interview about his company’s enterprise collaboration software, Jive Software’s CEO Tony Zingale made a point of saying, “It’s not Facebook for the enterprise, stupid.” Zingale is understandably defensive: many business leaders find …   Read more