Monthly Archives: May 2011

G8 And The Internet: Sarkozy Messes With A Good Thing

The irony couldn’t be more obvious. After staging a piece of political theater called the E-G8, which French President Nicolas Sarkozy used as a platform to champion the notion of much tougher government control over …   Read more

Social Media Can Help Build Arab Governments Too

In the Arab world this winter, social media proved that it can facilitate rebellion and even topple regimes. Now it faces a much harder challenge. Can social media help to build new governments? The wiki …   Read more

The Age Of Transparency

When the global financial crisis wiped out $30 trillion in financial assets, caused mass unemployment and nearly bankrupted Europe, it reinforced the need for more effective corporate governance, better transparency and greater integrity in corporate …   Read more

Digital Technology Can Bring Democracy To Life

Don Tapscott and Bill Gillies write: On Monday at the MaRS Centre in downtown Toronto, Research and Innovation Minister Glen Murray unveiled an important example of how digital technologies can bring to life the fuzzy …   Read more

The Need To Reinvent Venture Capital

The good news about Schumpeter’s creative destruction is that, thanks to the Internet and digital tools, it has never been easier to start a company. One study found that the availability of open source software, …   Read more

Why Did We Ignore Obama’s Social Media Lesson?

After watching how Barack Obama revolutionized campaigning for the digital age, it’s bizarre that, nearly three years later, the parties in our election all ran old-style campaigns of the broadcast era. The upshot was a …   Read more