Monthly Archives: October 2011

Empowering Change Through Collaboration

I’m enthusiastic about taking on the role of “Curator” for social media week. Between now and my kickoff speech Feb 13 to cities around the world, I’ll be writing a series of articles to stimulate thinking and discussion in our global community.   Read more

Three Principles For A New Wall Street

Protesters set up the “Occupy Wall Street” base camp in New York a month ago because the location epitomizes the economic forces that control the U.S. and global economies. As one sign read: “This is not a recession. It’s a robbery.” To many it feels like just that.   Read more

How Technology Is Changing Your Career

In this interview, Don talks about how he was prodded to be on Twitter by a younger mentor – he notes he’s no Ashton Kutcher but has 30,000 followers – and how you can also design your life to keep in tune with our more collaborative, less hierarchical world.   Read more

Macrowikinomics & Don Tapscott Shortlisted For The Thinkers50

Thanks to your efforts, we have been shortlisted in two categories for the 2011 Thinkers 50 Awards. The Thinkers 50 is touted as the definitive global ranking of management thinkers and is published every two years.   Read more

World Economic Forum Meeting In Abu Dhabi Developing New Models For Understanding Complexity

Across the world, decision-makers are struggling to take action on critical economic, political and societal issues, because the appropriate conceptual models are lacking from which to develop a systemic understanding of the great transformation. This …   Read more

The Rise Of The Micro-Multinational

In a forceful, hard-hitting policy brief entitled The Rise of the Micro-Multinational: How Freelancers and Technology-Savvy Start-Ups are Driving Growth, Jobs and Innovation, Executive Director Ann Mettler and Senior Fellow Anthony Williams look at the …   Read more

Don Tapscott And Macrowikinomics Shortlisted For The Thinkers50

The Thinkers50, a publicly voted ranking of global business thinkers, today announced the shortlisted nominees for this year’s awards, and Don Tapscott and Macrowikinomics have been shortlisted for the 2011 Global Village and Book Awards, respectively.   Read more