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Corporate Secrecy And Personal Privacy Are Opposites

the advocates of personal openness err in thinking the same principles should apply to individuals. Corporations are fundamentally different from persons. Corporations are legal entities that society allows to be created and tasks them to achieve certain societal objectives. Corporations benefit enormously from the privilege of limited liability that society extends to them. As such they have obligations to us, including being appropriately transparent.   Read more

Macrowikinomics On Guardian’s Top 50 Breakthrough Capitalism Books

Macrowikinomics makes the Guardian’s Top 50 Breakthrough Capitalism Books, a crowd-sourced list of 50 books that capture the spirit of breakthrough capitalism.   Read more

Big Brother 2.0

Recently the New York Times reported that “Law enforcement tracking of cellphones, once the province mainly of federal agents, has become a powerful and widely used surveillance tool for local police officials, with hundreds of departments, large and small, often using it aggressively with little or no court oversight.”   Read more

Corporations, The Main Beneficiaries Of Personal Sharing

The most powerful forces making the case for sharing personal information are not philosophers or media pundits — they are social media companies and other corporations who have a lot to gain from our social norms about privacy changing.   Read more

Real Dangers Of Thoughtless Sharing

The longer term, societal effects of a general loss of privacy due to ubiquitous data availability and surveillance are not well-understood. The ability to record nearly everything and to make that record available to others is unprecedented in human history, and defeats parallels. What will it be like to grow up in a world that does not forget? Will comments posted online at age 14 discourage people from seeking public office or speaking out years later, out of fear?   Read more

To Share Or Not To Share

Privacy is nothing if not the freedom to be let alone, to experiment and to make mistakes, to forget and to start anew, to act according to conscience, and to be free from the oppressive …   Read more

Living Out Loud — Should We All Be More “Open?”: The Upside Of Sharing

The ubiquity of digital gadgets and sensors, the pervasiveness of networks and the benefits of sharing very personal information through social media have led some to argue that privacy as a social norm is changing …   Read more

To Share Or Not To Share

The tensions between information freedom and personal control are exploding today and not simply because of the benefits of sharing information using new media. Rather there are massive commercial, government interests along with malevolent individuals …   Read more

CBC Music A Good Step In The Right Direction

To borrow a title from one of Shakespeare’s plays, the opposition to CBC’s new music service is much ado about nothing. At no cost to the listener, the service streams Canadian music over the Internet, …   Read more

Can We Retain Privacy In The Era Of Big Data?

Our society is collectively creating, storing and communicating information at nearly exponential rates of growth. Most of this data is personally identifiable, and third parties control much of it. This personal data will be archived …   Read more