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The Rise Of The Micro-Multinational

In a forceful, hard-hitting policy brief entitled The Rise of the Micro-Multinational: How Freelancers and Technology-Savvy Start-Ups are Driving Growth, Jobs and Innovation, Executive Director Ann Mettler and Senior Fellow Anthony Williams look at the …   Read more

Science’s Big Data Revolution Yields Lessons For All Open Data Innovators

The big data revolution arguably hit science before it hit other institutions. Powerful scientific instruments and pervasive computing have driven quantum leaps in the amount of data available to scientists, raising new challenges for researchers who have had to develop new methods, tools and institutions for managing and exploring massive datasets.   Read more

A 21st Century Innovation Economy Needs More Digital Public Goods

In the formative years of the industrial revolution it quickly became evident that economic progress depended upon substantial investments in public goods. The economy needed a growing supply of educated workers, so the government created …   Read more

Awakening Freedom’s Allies: Thoughts On Egypt, Youth Bulges And Economic Growth

As one watches the events unfold in Cairo, it’s impossible not to feel sympathy for the Egyptian citizens who want, more than anything, to share the values of freedom and openness, but must risk life …   Read more

A Regulatory System That Learns And Improves

In my previous post I discussed why the Obama administration is right to make renewing America’s regulatory system a priority. We already have a situation where citizens armed with information are drawing attention to many …   Read more

Regulatory Innovation The Next Frontier For Open Government

Earlier this week Obama issued a call to renew America’s regulatory system and not a moment too soon. A string of events over the past couple of years have underscored just how strained and ineffectual …   Read more

Will WikiLeaks Set Back Open Government

In the wake of yet another massive disclosure of compromising US government secrets, it’s worth reflecting on whether Wikileaks is helping or in fact undermining the transparency movement in the United States and abroad. To …   Read more

Kickstarting Global Entrepreneurship

November 15-21 was Global Entrepreneurship Week and rightly so. Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of a dynamic economy and society and the key to solving some of the world’s toughest challenges. Indeed as the global economy …   Read more

Getting Out The Vote – There’s An App For That

Last week I had a conversation with the Toronto Star about a Facebook app being used by California Democrats to mobilize supporters in the run-up to this week’s mid-term elections. The app, called Friend Out the …   Read more

Macrowikinomics Discovery Day

To celebrate the launch of Macrowikinomics, we are thrilled to be announcing that we’ll be hosting Discovery Day on 10.10.10, one global day to celebrate collaboration, innovation and the web, and to help connect people …   Read more