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Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott, one of the world's leading authorities on business strategy, is Chairman of Moxie Insight. He was founder and chairman of the international think tank New Paradigm before its acquisition 2007. Read more about Don.

A Great Economist Reaches His 100th Birthday

Nobel prize-winning economist Ronald Coase has just celebrated his 100th birthday. Coase is a brilliant thinker and his insights were enormously influential on me and many of my colleagues.  His 1991 Nobel was “for his …   Read more

We’re Opening Up Three New Areas Of Discussion

Macrowikinomics discusses a large number of institutions that are both failing and being renewed on a networked model. But there are additional sectors of society in urgent need of Wikinomics treatment, and three of the …   Read more

Big Idea From Dubai: A Global Risk Management Commons

One of the most important sessions at the Global Agenda Council Summit in Dubai addressed the issue of Managing Global Risks.  We are moving into an age where profound threats are emerging to the global …   Read more

In Dubai Everything Is Connected To Everything Else

At the meeting of the Global Agenda Councils in Dubai it seems that everything is connected to everything else.  One day into it my Council on Informed Societies has had joint discussions with at least …   Read more

New Realities And New Risks

I’m enjoying participating in the meeting of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils in Dubai.  It goes without saying that the world is a very volatile place and this is a great time of …   Read more

Put Patients In Charge Of Their Health

The New York Times reported earlier this week that Britain’s largest software maker, Autonomy, is releasing a new software package to help doctors make diagnoses.  The software is called Autonomy Auminence.  It culls data from …   Read more

Beyond Superman To A New Model Of Education

The film Waiting for Superman has sparked heated discussion about the failures of the U.S. public school system, and more broadly with public education everywhere.  The movie argues that teachers are at the center of the problem and that the solution is charter schools. Do not be deceived.   Read more

ClimateSpark – A New Venture Capital Contest

Mark Twain famously said about the weather that “Everyone’s talking about it but no one’s doing anything about it.” Now that’s changing.  Thanks to Web 2.0, the entire world is beginning to collaborate-for the first …   Read more Unites Activists From Around The World

If you want to see the beauty of Wikinomics in action and be inspired by a great network of people, check out It is an international campaign devoted to uniting the world around solutions …   Read more

View Live Video Of The Social Capital Conference

The Social Capital Conference (SOCAP), the largest gathering of people and institutions working to infuse capitalism with new strategic initiatives for social good, gets underway today in San Francisco.  The conference runs three days, and …   Read more