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Better Parking Through Technology

Every so often an idea comes along that seems to get a lot right, and you’re left with little to do but sit by the sidelines and watch, hoping that it thrives and makes its …   Read more

Want To See The Future? Look To The Games

There was something of a “big deal” event in geek circles last week: StarCraft 2 was released, about 12 years after the release of the original. It’s a “real time strategy” game, which pits factions …   Read more

The Real Truth Behind Fake Steve

“Truthiness” is probably the best word to describe The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, a blog that more often than not does too good a job at parodying what Steve Jobs might be thinking on …   Read more

Technical Difficulties

Wikinomics is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. I’ve switched the site to a simpler theme so that content is still accessible while we work to fix everything. Update: We’re back in action!

The Privacy Discussion We Need To Have

I’ve written previously about gleaning insight into consumer habits by looking at log files, and profiled the so-called “bot mediated reality” of security consultant turned fiction author Daniel Suarez. So, when facebook’s latest privacy debacle …   Read more

A Rough Week For Facebook (and The Privacy Of Facebook Users)

Early last week a blog post titled Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook starting making the rounds. The article has been followed by a dogpile of evidence supporting any decision to quit the site. …   Read more

The Retail Experience Of Tomorrow: The Same But Very Different

The last couple of month’s I’ve been looking at an area called “process mining”– it’s similar to reality mining, but with the goal of figuring out how structured processes, performed by humans, can be tracked and measured …   Read more

Games, User Experience, And Retroactive Continuity–All Enabled By Platforms

As I may have mentioned before, Valve Software‘s Portal is a favorite game of mine. At our December 2009 Insight conference I profiled it as an example of a game that does an excellent job …   Read more

The Dangers Of GeoTweeting:

Last summer, while on vacation, a blogger tweeted about being away from home–tweets that he believed led to burglars breaking into his house and robbing him while on his vacation. While there was never any …   Read more

Marketing On The Cheap Thanks To Spontaneous (mainstream) Internet Culture

Viral marketing seems like something of the holy grail for advertisers: it’s very cheap, turns peers into pushers, and is impossible to stop once it attains gains enough inertia. But designing a message to go …   Read more