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BBC Interview: TEDGlobal: Net Opens Up Era Of Radical Openness

Author Don Tapscott has opened the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh predicting a new era of “networked intelligence”. The theme at this year’s conference, dedicated to technology, entertainment and design, is “radical openness”. Mr Tapscott interpreted …   Read more

Forbes Interview: Here’s How The Internet Will Reboot Civilization

This is part of a series of dispatches from TED Global 2012 in Edinburgh, on the theme of Radical Openness. Follow the Twiter hashtag #TEDGlobal or follow me on Twitter: @Parmy Don Tapscott is one …   Read more

Welcome To The Open World: Don Tapscott At TEDGlobal 2012

Don Tapscott has written 14 books about the digital, super-connected, hyper-collaborative world, and he has the distinct responsibility of officially kicking off Critical Crossroads, the first session of this year’s TEDGlobal conference. He gets a …   Read more

The Social Revolution On Global TV

Don Tapscott discusses the Macrowikinomics paperback, the Montreal protests, Arab Spring and Occupy Movement. Read the full article on Global TV.

Will The Internet Obsolete Alumni Associations?

Many alumni associations stubbornly cling to the idea that alumni relationships should be hosted on a .edu website. But we’ve grudgingly populated Facebook (Groups, then Pages), LinkedIn (individual profiles, then Groups), and Twitter (individual streams, …   Read more

SXSWi 2012: Don Tapscott: Radically New Solutions For Institutions In Flux

Todd Watson and I talk with Don Tapscott — speaker, consultant, and author of a multitude of books including Macrowikinomics — about networked intelligence, the digital generation, and cause for optimism.   Read more

Technology As A Tool For Change

It may have begun as a music and film festival, but the South by Southwest (SXSW) extravaganza which kicks off in Austin, Texas on Friday has now become a key venue for discussion about connected …   Read more

Don Tapscott To Join Martin Prosperity Institute As MPI Fellow

Located at the Rotman School of Management, the Martin Prosperity Institute is the world’s leading think-tank on the role of sub-national factors – location, place and city-regions – in global economic prosperity. They take an …   Read more

Forbes: Don Tapscott: Newspapers Are Communities

It has been Don Tapscott, known for his book Wikinomics, to say that opening the traditional newspaper model to specialized bloggers could be an important chance for innovating the newspaper industry: “The model we discuss in …   Read more

This Week On ReCivilization: Collaborative Health Care

In part three of ReCivilization, Don Tapscott examines the future of health care and medicine, where patients become co-managers of their own wellness, and use the web to network with each other for support, knowledge, …   Read more