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Remaking Government In A Wiki Age

The New York Times interviews Don Tapscott on open data and Government 2.0 to reinvent the value of government: But a few people — writers, activists, even politicians — are examining the current woes of …   Read more

Open Data, Open Government

There’s been a lot of talk about open government, but one province is finally walking the talk. Last month, the B.C. government unveiled DataBC, a broad initiative to make available at no charge a wide array of data gathered by government that had previously mostly sat unused in filing cabinets.   Read more

Wall Street Journal On Don Tapscott And Rebooting Business

Any business model that can be disrupted by technology will be, and probably should be. According to author Don Tapscott for some firms it is already too late. Their business models have been rendered redundant …   Read more

The Age Of Transparency

When the global financial crisis wiped out $30 trillion in financial assets, caused mass unemployment and nearly bankrupted Europe, it reinforced the need for more effective corporate governance, better transparency and greater integrity in corporate …   Read more

Setting The Record Straight: The Enterprise 2.0

Don Tapscott’s 2006 paper “Winning with the Enterprise 2.0.” outlines an expansive vision of how the internet is changing the corporation: Today we’re at a defining moment in business history—the threshold of a dramatic shift …   Read more

Women And The Digital Revolution

In 1908, 15,000 women marched in New York City to demand better pay, better working hours, and the right to vote.

In 1909, the United States celebrated the first Women’s Day.

And today, in 2011, on International Women’s Day, the United Nations advocates to bring the security and liberty that equal access to education, training, science and technology offer to women across the world.   Read more

Don Tapscott On Wiki Revolutions, The Middle East And Macrowikinomics

                    Author Don Tapscott speaks with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge about the “wiki-revolutions” happening in the Middle East, and how mass collaboration is creating a new kid …   Read more

A Sustainable Future Through IP Sharing

We believe we need to architect a new future by creating more sustainable business models, transforming our products to become closed loop and our supply chain to be lean, green and equitable, to enable us to thrive and win in a future sustainable economy.   Read more

Jasmin Revolution – Wikilution?

On January 14, 2011 at 6 PM, the Tunisian national television network announced the abrupt departure of President Ben Ali. Thousands of young men and women took to the streets of Tunis. Defying the police, defying the deposed dictator, they declared the end of a regime.   Read more

Universal Benchmarking And The Climate Change Crisis

For guest author Ron Dembo, Founder & CEO of ZeroFootprint, Wikinomics’ transparency is an opportunity for pragmatic benchmarking to solve climate challenges.   Read more