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Naumi Haque has more than a decade of experience in the research and advisory industry. Naumi has been at the forefront of customer experience management, recently arguing that enterprises need an integrated customer experience strategy to meet customer expectations. He has conducted research and provided thought leadership on a wide variety of topics related to emerging technology and business innovation, including: social media strategy, customer experience, next generation marketing, enterprise collaboration, open innovation, digital identity, new sources of enterprise data, and disruptive web-enabled business models. He received his MBA and his Honors in Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario’s Richard Ivey School of Business.

Actually, “Facebook For The Enterprise” Is Exactly What You Need

In a recent interview about his company’s enterprise collaboration software, Jive Software’s CEO Tony Zingale made a point of saying, “It’s not Facebook for the enterprise, stupid.” Zingale is understandably defensive: many business leaders find …   Read more

Finding The “CRM” In Social CRM

Social CRM (SCRM) is an overused buzz word among software vendors and companies alike. One of the problems this creates is that it has become very difficult to properly define exactly what constitutes SCRM and …   Read more

The Newspaper’s Not Dead, It’s Just Moved To Twitter

If you’re a Twitter user, perhaps you’ve already heard of If not, I recommend checking it out and creating your own custom “newspaper” based on links shared by your Twitter network. The tool suggests …   Read more

Will Facebook Be Your CRM Provider?

According to the Facebook blog (as of April 2010), the average Facebook user “Likes” nine pieces of content very month. With over half a billion users worldwide, that translates to more than 4.5 billion Likes …   Read more

Survey: How Are You Using Facebook, Twitter, Smart Phones, And Other Technology Platforms?

We know that companies can create competitive advantage through collaborative platforms—from internal, project-specific wikis all the way to Twitter, Facebook, and beyond. But how are platforms actually being used to interact with customers, collaborate with …   Read more

Apple’s Apps | Google’s Web: What Is The Future Of The Internet?

It happened ever so sneakily-–just as we were celebrating the demise of old media companies and rejoicing in the new freedom of the web, it’s gone. While we were busy thinking the internet revolution would …   Read more

A View Of Self Through A Digital Mirror

Given the proliferation of digital information about ourselves and our online interactions (and the prospect of more to follow), I find it fascinating when companies put out tools that help reflect our digital personas and …   Read more

The Customer Is Not In Control

Design Charrettes For Platform Projects

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a friend who introduced me to the concept of design charrettes (no, it’s not a classy version of Chat Roulette). A design charrette is a way to …   Read more

The Net Gen: Too Plugged-in For Parenting?

Actually, the title of this post should really be, “The Net Gen: Too connected to wireless devices, social media, and ‘always-on’ technologies for parenting,” but “plugged-in” just sounded better. In fact, fewer of us are …   Read more