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What’s Worse: Facebook Breaches Or Scraping?

The latest Facebook-related privacy breach is much ado about little, according to several observers. Larry Magid, writing at Huffington Post Technology, explains what happened this way: “The culprit in this case is not bad intentions …   Read more

DRM And Us

Cory Doctorow says he does not tell artists to give their work away for free, as some people incorrectly claim, and anyone who thinks he does is wrong. He just believes that preventing copying is …   Read more

The Usefulness And Validity Of Surveys And Data

I recently had a “discussion” with a friend of my wife’s who argued, in essence, that data from surveys are invalid unless the data are perfect. By perfect, she appeared to mean that no “statistically …   Read more

Measure The Collaboration That’s Already Going On

nGenera has been thinking about, writing about, and doing primary research about collaboration long enough to understand that “collaborate” is not a command, it’s a culture, a climate inside an organization that requires more thinking …   Read more

Is Loss Of Privacy A Risk Of Working In 2010?

I recently saw articles on Social Sentry from Teneros, which enables employers to monitor in real time employees’ social networking activity for potentially damaging posts or information, and UDiligence, which does similar work for universities, …   Read more

Social Media: Prelude To … The Good Old Ways?

I just read Peter Cappelli’s post at Human Resource Executive Online, The Promise and Limitations of Social Media. I have to respectfully disagree with the objections raised and with the conclusion. Cappelli lists the advantages …   Read more

It's Like I Thought.

New research – well worth reading – from Accenture on data privacy shows that only 3% of people (15,000 individual adult-age respondents) consider privacy “most important” when participating in online social networks, blogs, or wikis. …   Read more

Facebook = Evil. Quit Now Or Die!

Okay, I don’t mean that. What I really mean is, fix your privacy settings, think about what you are posting if you have anything like a job or a future at stake, and get on …   Read more

“The Data-Driven Life”: Who’s Not Interested In Discovery?

Gary Wolf writes in The New York Times about self-measurement, the desire of some people to measure what they do, say, think, eat, and more, sometimes just for the sake of doing it and other …   Read more

Is “” An Internet Inevitability?

I just heard about the site Unvarnished in Jeremiah Owyang’s daily email, and decided to check it out. It is still in beta. I think people need to read this page to draw their own …   Read more