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Crowdsourcing Furniture Design

Guest Author Thomas Gegenhuber is a doctoral student at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Austria. His current research interests are crowdsourcing, innovation and creativity. He is an Open Government advocate and contributes to such …   Read more

How Do You Launch A Cool New Business That Makes A Positive Social And Environmental Impact?

Guest Author Stef van Dongen is an impact-driven entrepreneur who holds a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and a master’s in business administration from the Rotterdam School of Management and is an enthusiast in searching profitable …   Read more

Don Tapscott To Join Martin Prosperity Institute As MPI Fellow

Located at the Rotman School of Management, the Martin Prosperity Institute is the world’s leading think-tank on the role of sub-national factors – location, place and city-regions – in global economic prosperity. They take an …   Read more

The Heartbeat Of Bogotá: Engaging The Population Of A City To Reinvent Itself For The Digital Age

Surprisingly it is a city in the emerging economies that may have discovered a key to success — Bogota the capital of the South American Country of Colombia.   Read more

Fortune’s Guide To The Future

The coming changes will be uncomfortable for some. Bosses will need to adjust to a democratization of the workplace. Hierarchies may disappear; some teams may function without leaders. The best ideas may come from the …   Read more

Ontario Business Report: Macrowikinomics Made Easy

The Ontario Business Report interviews Don Tapscott on reinventing the automotive, green tech, finance, and media industries. Read the full report at Ontario Business Report.

A Forbes Interview With Don Tapscott: The Industrial Age Has Finally Run Out Of Gas

Somewhere, between the APEC CEO Summit with world leaders in Hawaii, receiving a place on the Thinkers 50, a keynote speech at the Enterprise 2.0 conference, and another trip to Brazil for TEDx USPLeste all on the same day, I …   Read more

Don Tapscott Ranks 9th In Thinkers50 2011 Global Business Awards

The Thinkers50 is a premier ranking of global business thinkers, with advisers drawn from America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.   Read more

Three Principles For A New Wall Street

Protesters set up the “Occupy Wall Street” base camp in New York a month ago because the location epitomizes the economic forces that control the U.S. and global economies. As one sign read: “This is not a recession. It’s a robbery.” To many it feels like just that.   Read more

Macrowikinomics & Don Tapscott Shortlisted For The Thinkers50

Thanks to your efforts, we have been shortlisted in two categories for the 2011 Thinkers 50 Awards. The Thinkers 50 is touted as the definitive global ranking of management thinkers and is published every two years.   Read more