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A 21st Century Innovation Economy Needs More Digital Public Goods

In the formative years of the industrial revolution it quickly became evident that economic progress depended upon substantial investments in public goods. The economy needed a growing supply of educated workers, so the government created …   Read more

Actually, “Facebook For The Enterprise” Is Exactly What You Need

In a recent interview about his company’s enterprise collaboration software, Jive Software’s CEO Tony Zingale made a point of saying, “It’s not Facebook for the enterprise, stupid.” Zingale is understandably defensive: many business leaders find …   Read more

While Think Tanks Abound, Davos Has Become A ‘Do’ Tank

I have attended the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos for a dozen years and I can’t recall a more important session than the one that starts Wednesday. Let’s face it – the world …   Read more

Major Trends And Developments For The Coming Year

Thanks largely to the Internet, long-standing monopolies and power imbalances are being challenged as more people from more regions of the world connect, collaborate, and compete on the global stage. Young digital natives everywhere are …   Read more

The Macrowikinomics File: Social Media’s Unexpected Threat

Every business needs to listen to Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian and design privacy principles and practices into their operations. An excellent candidate for such a process would be Facebook, because there’s no doubt its …   Read more

A Great Economist Reaches His 100th Birthday

Nobel prize-winning economist Ronald Coase has just celebrated his 100th birthday. Coase is a brilliant thinker and his insights were enormously influential on me and many of my colleagues.  His 1991 Nobel was “for his …   Read more

Finding The “CRM” In Social CRM

Social CRM (SCRM) is an overused buzz word among software vendors and companies alike. One of the problems this creates is that it has become very difficult to properly define exactly what constitutes SCRM and …   Read more

New Realities And New Risks

I’m enjoying participating in the meeting of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils in Dubai.  It goes without saying that the world is a very volatile place and this is a great time of …   Read more

Kickstarting Global Entrepreneurship

November 15-21 was Global Entrepreneurship Week and rightly so. Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of a dynamic economy and society and the key to solving some of the world’s toughest challenges. Indeed as the global economy …   Read more

DRM And Us

Cory Doctorow says he does not tell artists to give their work away for free, as some people incorrectly claim, and anyone who thinks he does is wrong. He just believes that preventing copying is …   Read more