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View Live Video Of The Social Capital Conference

The Social Capital Conference (SOCAP), the largest gathering of people and institutions working to infuse capitalism with new strategic initiatives for social good, gets underway today in San Francisco.  The conference runs three days, and …   Read more

Will Facebook Be Your CRM Provider?

According to the Facebook blog (as of April 2010), the average Facebook user “Likes” nine pieces of content very month. With over half a billion users worldwide, that translates to more than 4.5 billion Likes …   Read more

Survey: How Are You Using Facebook, Twitter, Smart Phones, And Other Technology Platforms?

We know that companies can create competitive advantage through collaborative platforms—from internal, project-specific wikis all the way to Twitter, Facebook, and beyond. But how are platforms actually being used to interact with customers, collaborate with …   Read more

What Nature Teaches Us About Building Better Human Organizations

Here’s a book that’s just out in hardcover (and Kindle) and deserves reading: The Smart Swarm: How Understanding Flocks, Schools, and Colonies Can Make Us Better at Communicating, Decision Making, and Getting Things Done. The …   Read more

A View Of Self Through A Digital Mirror

Given the proliferation of digital information about ourselves and our online interactions (and the prospect of more to follow), I find it fascinating when companies put out tools that help reflect our digital personas and …   Read more

Want To See The Future? Look To The Games

There was something of a “big deal” event in geek circles last week: StarCraft 2 was released, about 12 years after the release of the original. It’s a “real time strategy” game, which pits factions …   Read more

Privacy Worries Continue To Grow

Two interesting items re privacy.  A poll released last week by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion revealed that fully half of Americans who have a profile on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are worried about their privacy.  And the publication of results from a clever study of shoppers in a Pittsburgh shopping mall explored how willingly people would forfeit personal privacy in exchange for tangible benefits, in this case more money. Of the 50 percent of people surveyed who were concerned about social networking privacy, 23 percent are very concerned and 27 percent were concerned.  “We’re in an era of information   Read more

Will Publishers Rise To The Challenge?

As an author of many books, I’m thankful for the hard work of my publishers, but I also I’m fascinated by changes in the publishing industry. An author self-publishing his or her book — also known as the “vanity press” —  has traditionally been viewed with a bit of disdain.  It usually meant that the author was unable to find a publisher willing to risk the time and money required to bring a book to market, either because the topic wasn’t interesting and/or the writing quality was poor.   Read more

The Customer Is Not In Control

The Usefulness And Validity Of Surveys And Data

I recently had a “discussion” with a friend of my wife’s who argued, in essence, that data from surveys are invalid unless the data are perfect. By perfect, she appeared to mean that no “statistically …   Read more