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Design Charrettes For Platform Projects

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a friend who introduced me to the concept of design charrettes (no, it’s not a classy version of Chat Roulette). A design charrette is a way to …   Read more

Measure The Collaboration That’s Already Going On

nGenera has been thinking about, writing about, and doing primary research about collaboration long enough to understand that “collaborate” is not a command, it’s a culture, a climate inside an organization that requires more thinking …   Read more

Technical Difficulties

Wikinomics is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. I’ve switched the site to a simpler theme so that content is still accessible while we work to fix everything. Update: We’re back in action!

Is Loss Of Privacy A Risk Of Working In 2010?

I recently saw articles on Social Sentry from Teneros, which enables employers to monitor in real time employees’ social networking activity for potentially damaging posts or information, and UDiligence, which does similar work for universities, …   Read more

Social Media: Prelude To … The Good Old Ways?

I just read Peter Cappelli’s post at Human Resource Executive Online, The Promise and Limitations of Social Media. I have to respectfully disagree with the objections raised and with the conclusion. Cappelli lists the advantages …   Read more

It's Like I Thought.

New research – well worth reading – from Accenture on data privacy shows that only 3% of people (15,000 individual adult-age respondents) consider privacy “most important” when participating in online social networks, blogs, or wikis. …   Read more

“The Data-Driven Life”: Who’s Not Interested In Discovery?

Gary Wolf writes in The New York Times about self-measurement, the desire of some people to measure what they do, say, think, eat, and more, sometimes just for the sake of doing it and other …   Read more

Hothouse Innovation Redux: The World “upside Down”

Recently The Economist released a feature report on how innovation in emerging markets may be eclipsing innovation in North America. The report, The world turned upside down (click “Buy PDF” for a complimentary copy courtesy …   Read more

The Capitalist Crisis – Who Does What Next?

Last week’s fraud charges against Goldman Sachs were a wake-up call that trouble still lies ahead for Wall Street. With the global economy remaining stalled, the deepening jobs crisis, a looming commercial real-estate meltdown and …   Read more

Right Values

I opt in to way more email notifications than I can keep up with. It’s a default attitude: “I might need to know something about this, so I’d better get this stuff sent to me.” …   Read more