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OKCupid: For The Love Of Data

If you’re not reading OKCupid’s blog, OKTrends, you should be. Even if you have no interest in online dating, this is a site that will entertain and educate you with data-driven posts about the science …   Read more

The Retail Experience Of Tomorrow: The Same But Very Different

The last couple of month’s I’ve been looking at an area called “process mining”– it’s similar to reality mining, but with the goal of figuring out how structured processes, performed by humans, can be tracked and measured …   Read more

Addressing The Social Media ‘support Gap’

The a growing sense that amount of serious attention—and dollars—companies commit to social media is grossly inadequate when compared to the amount of time customer, prospects, and influencers spend using social media. This deficiency in …   Read more

On Unintended Consequences

Noted: According an interesting piece by McKinsey on the new Japanese consumer, big-box discounters outside Tokyo and retailers such as Costco and Ikea are benefitting significantly from a March 2009 decision by the Japanese government …   Read more

Lessons In Collaboration From B.B. King’s

I am reminded today of the blues. Back in December, nGenera held our members conference in Memphis, TN, hosted by the good folks at FedEx. On the second evening, we were treated to dinner and …   Read more

Games, User Experience, And Retroactive Continuity–All Enabled By Platforms

As I may have mentioned before, Valve Software‘s Portal is a favorite game of mine. At our December 2009 Insight conference I profiled it as an example of a game that does an excellent job …   Read more

Are We Headed For More Isolation?

The research team here at nGenera were having a conversation yesterday about how being more social and collaborative at work, using technologies such as collaboration platform software, might change the workplace, even the structure of …   Read more

Marketing On The Cheap Thanks To Spontaneous (mainstream) Internet Culture

Viral marketing seems like something of the holy grail for advertisers: it’s very cheap, turns peers into pushers, and is impossible to stop once it attains gains enough inertia. But designing a message to go …   Read more

My Top Ten Themes From 2010 Davos, Part 1

The World Economic Forum has wrapped up and the small town of Davos is being returned to the skiers. I’ve developed my top ten themes from the five-day event. I’ll post five today and five …   Read more

Digitizing Davos

Notwithstanding that some very good things will likely happen at this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, it’s tough to solve the world’s problems in a week. A couple of years ago the Forum’s …   Read more