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Davos 2010: The World Is Broken

As a Fellow of the World Economic Forum, I’ve been attending the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland for a dozen years. But I’ve never anticipated the event more than this year (Jan. 27-31). The theme …   Read more

What You Need, When You Need It: How Context-aware Machines Will Change How We Access Information

Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time, requires a better understanding of the context in which information is shared. Sounds obvious, right? But, if you think about how enterprises manage …   Read more

Democratizing Credit Card Payments: The Good, The Bad, And The Disruptive

A variety of technologies have recently been released that promise to democratize the receipt of credit card payments; Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s Square being the one generating the most buzz. Other notable entrants include Verifone …   Read more

Naming The New Book

Dear Friends of Wikinomics, As you may have noticed due to a technical glitch your posts just appeared in the last hour on  We have moved all these comments to the main discussion at …   Read more

Age Lines On Facebook?

Is Facebook fading in importance, in particular among the very people who used to be its target market: college students and recent graduates? I had a beer with my 25-year-old daughter Jen and Laura, her …   Read more

Nexus One Vs. Droid Specs

Based on information posted on December 23, 2009, by Endgadget on the forthcoming Nexus One phone from Google, and on the existing specifications for the Motorola Droid phone from Verizon Wireless and other sources, here …   Read more

Complexity And Wikinomics

What do a city, a forest, and your business ecosystem have in common? It turns out, a lot. All three are examples of complex adaptive systems. Earlier this week I spoke at a conference hosted by …   Read more

Tracking Snacks In The Cloud

Okay, this is not really about tracking snacks in the cloud. It’s about tracking snack sales in vending machines in the cloud. Forbes magazine interviewed Mandeep Arora and Anant Agarwal, the founders of Cantaloupe Systems, …   Read more

Peer Pressure 2.0: Farmville

I have to admit, I’m afraid to try Farmville. After only recently escaping from a (delightful, if) crippling addiction to Plants vs. Zombies, I have learned not to casually dismiss the pull of “casual games.” …   Read more

Measuring Customer Experience: The Power Of Story

A while back I did some research on the Ontario Science Center (OSC) and the lessons enterprises could learn from such a leader in customer experience design. Of particular interest was measuring the ROI related …   Read more