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The Agenda With Steve Paikin: Don Tapscott: Reinventing Democracy

Technology advisor Don Tapscott on the shifting relationship between citizen and government and how it could rise to a new form of democracy in 20 years. Watch the full interview on TVO’s The Agenda with …   Read more

Welcome To The Open World: Don Tapscott At TEDGlobal 2012

Don Tapscott has written 14 books about the digital, super-connected, hyper-collaborative world, and he has the distinct responsibility of officially kicking off Critical Crossroads, the first session of this year’s TEDGlobal conference. He gets a …   Read more

Can We Retain Privacy In The Era Of Big Data?

Our society is collectively creating, storing and communicating information at nearly exponential rates of growth. Most of this data is personally identifiable, and third parties control much of it. This personal data will be archived …   Read more

What Happened To ‘Yes We Can’?

At this pivotal moment in the presidential race, President Barack Obama and his re-election team need to focus on a key question that could influence the outcome of this year’s election: How do they get …   Read more

Kony 2012: Rethinking Global Problem Solving

The ‘Kony 2012’ director who was found naked in the street will remain in the hospital for several weeks. Danica Russell, Jason Russell’s wife, attributed her husband’s “reactive phsychosis” to the “sudden transition from relative anonymity to worldwide attention — both raves and ridicules, in a matter of days.”   Read more

Part Two: My 20 Big Ideas For 2012

In Egypt and Tunisia we saw a revolution in how to foment revolutions.  Now we need to reinvent how to build democracies. Enabled by social media, anti-government leadership in these two countries came from the …   Read more

Don Tapscott At European Commissions’s First Innovation Convention

On the 5th and 6th of december the European Commission held it’s first Innovation Convention @ Brussels. A conference full of top political leaders like President of the Commission Barroso and Angela Merkel who presented …   Read more

Don Tapscott On The Occupy Movement On CBC Metro Morning

Matt Galloway, host of number one Toronto morning show, CBC Metro Morning, interviews Don Tapscott on the Occupy movement.
  Read more

Remaking Government In A Wiki Age

The New York Times interviews Don Tapscott on open data and Government 2.0 to reinvent the value of government: But a few people — writers, activists, even politicians — are examining the current woes of …   Read more

Open Data, Open Government

There’s been a lot of talk about open government, but one province is finally walking the talk. Last month, the B.C. government unveiled DataBC, a broad initiative to make available at no charge a wide array of data gathered by government that had previously mostly sat unused in filing cabinets.   Read more