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New Realities And New Risks

I’m enjoying participating in the meeting of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils in Dubai.  It goes without saying that the world is a very volatile place and this is a great time of …   Read more

Getting Out The Vote – There’s An App For That

Last week I had a conversation with the Toronto Star about a Facebook app being used by California Democrats to mobilize supporters in the run-up to this week’s mid-term elections. The app, called Friend Out the …   Read more

Internet = Democracy In China. Not Really According To Chatham House

Conventional wisdom suggests that as China grows richer it will also become more liberal, following essentially the same path of development as today’s advanced democracies. The Internet is supposed to accelerate this process by equipping …   Read more

Climate Activists Spoofed On Twitter

For years I’ve been a fan of the Yes Men and the outrageous impersonation stunts they have deployed to (in their words) publicly humiliate leaders and big corporations who put profits ahead of everything else.   Read more

Better Parking Through Technology

Every so often an idea comes along that seems to get a lot right, and you’re left with little to do but sit by the sidelines and watch, hoping that it thrives and makes its …   Read more

Why Transparency And Privacy Should Go Hand In Hand

I was speaking at the recent Google Zeitgeist conference in London.  On one panel, a privacy advocate argued that she was against transparency, and that all this talk about openness was frightening.  She argued that anyone who favors privacy should oppose transparency. I for one, am both a transparency advocate and a privacy advocate. Transparency is an opportunity and even obligation for corporations and other institutions.  But it is not an opportunity or obligation of individuals   Read more

The Most Open And Accessible Record Of U.S. Government Spending Ever (in 6 Sq Ft)

I just came across the 2011 edition of an awesome info-graphic Death & Taxes, from 29-year-old graphic designer (and obvious data junkie) Jess Bachman. I think this is a great example of what Nick Vitalari …   Read more

Wikinomics And The Era Of Openness: European Innovation At The Crossroads

For the past couple of months I have been working with the wonderful folks at the Lisbon Council in Brussels to prepare a report that examines the economic challenges facing Europe — and the innovative solutions that many entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and citizens are devising to succeed in networked world. The report was launched last week in Brussels at an event that also featured Europe’s new innovation commissioner , Máire Geoghegan-Quinn. You can see video highlights below and download the full report here   Read more Features Global Problem-solving Podcast has a little write up of my conversation with Dave Witzel and Jerry Michalski earlier today. The post on does a decent job of capturing the main thesis, but the conversation itself covered more ground, including some reflections on the changing roles of business, government and individual citizens in addressing environmental problems and a discussion about how social innovations that reach across borders and cultures will challenge traditional conceptions of democracy   Read more

My Top Ten Themes From 2010 Davos, Part 2

The World Economic Forum has wrapped up and the small town of Davos is being returned to the skiers. I’ve developed my top ten themes from the five-day event. I posted themes 1 – 5 …   Read more