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Analyzing The State Of The Union: Speeches As Data Points

Last week President Obama addressed the nation in his second State of the Union. Analyzing these speeches has been an interest of mine for some time, but I’m struck by how much better the analytics …   Read more

Real-world Impact From Virtual-world Collaboration: Crisis Commons

Crisis Commons (http://www.Crisis is an “international volunteer network of professionals drawn together by a call to service. We create technological tools and resources for responders to use in mitigating disasters and crises around the …   Read more

Global Problem Solving? Stephen Harper Defends The Status Quo

Although Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s speech on Thursday in Davos was received well, many of the delegates that I spoke with told me they thought Harper’s vision was too blinkered. With the conspicuous exception …   Read more

Davos: Nike And Partners Launch The GreenXchange

I mentioned in an earlier post that the World Economic Forum in Davos can be a catalyst for great ideas, and one example is the GreenXchange conceived by Nike.  Nike formally launched the Xchange Wednesday …   Read more

Canadians Friend Democracy On Facebook

Many years ago I fearlessly founded the facebook group “Joining Facebook Groups is My Way of Changing the World.” This past weekend my sarcastic cause lost a bit of steam as facebook contributed in earnest …   Read more