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Real-world Impact From Virtual-world Collaboration: Crisis Commons

Crisis Commons (http://www.Crisis is an “international volunteer network of professionals drawn together by a call to service. We create technological tools and resources for responders to use in mitigating disasters and crises around the …   Read more

Global Problem Solving? Stephen Harper Defends The Status Quo

Although Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s speech on Thursday in Davos was received well, many of the delegates that I spoke with told me they thought Harper’s vision was too blinkered. With the conspicuous exception …   Read more

Davos: Nike And Partners Launch The GreenXchange

I mentioned in an earlier post that the World Economic Forum in Davos can be a catalyst for great ideas, and one example is the GreenXchange conceived by Nike.  Nike formally launched the Xchange Wednesday …   Read more

Canadians Friend Democracy On Facebook

Many years ago I fearlessly founded the facebook group “Joining Facebook Groups is My Way of Changing the World.” This past weekend my sarcastic cause lost a bit of steam as facebook contributed in earnest …   Read more

Digitizing Davos

Notwithstanding that some very good things will likely happen at this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, it’s tough to solve the world’s problems in a week. A couple of years ago the Forum’s …   Read more

Davos 2010: The World Is Broken

As a Fellow of the World Economic Forum, I’ve been attending the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland for a dozen years. But I’ve never anticipated the event more than this year (Jan. 27-31). The theme …   Read more

What You Need, When You Need It: How Context-aware Machines Will Change How We Access Information

Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time, requires a better understanding of the context in which information is shared. Sounds obvious, right? But, if you think about how enterprises manage …   Read more

Carpong: Riding With Your SMS On

“Have you ever wanted to say something to the driver of the car in front of you?  Maybe tell him he is a lunatic behind the wheel?” Yes. “Or tell that girl in the car …   Read more

Democratizing Credit Card Payments: The Good, The Bad, And The Disruptive

A variety of technologies have recently been released that promise to democratize the receipt of credit card payments; Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s Square being the one generating the most buzz. Other notable entrants include Verifone …   Read more

Naming The New Book

Dear Friends of Wikinomics, As you may have noticed due to a technical glitch your posts just appeared in the last hour on  We have moved all these comments to the main discussion at …   Read more