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Mad Men And The Executive Assistant 2.0

I was watching the AMC show Mad Men over the weekend and it occurred to me that if I had my position as a knowledge worker in an organization 40 years ago, I’d probably have …   Read more

From The Big Screen To The Small Screen: Tarantino, YouTube, And Copyright Reform

I saw Quentin Tarantino’s new flick, Inglorious Basterds, on Friday night. It was great — ‘Pure Tarantino’ as the kids say. It struck me as a combination of Tarantino’s earlier work, Pulp Fiction, and Tim …   Read more

The Digital Identity Divide

If you haven’t conducted this experiment yet, visit the MIT Personas project and type your name into the search field. What comes out is a visual representation of your digital self. As noted on the …   Read more

The Collaboration Box Score

A few weeks ago I asked what the NBA could teach us about measuring collaboration.  As a follow-up, I thought it might be neat to think about the elements that would make up someone’s collaboration …   Read more

This Revolution Will Not Be Monetized

A few days ago this video, “JK Wedding Entrance Dance,” cropped up online: [youtube=] I’m no fan, but the mainstream appeal is clear: the video has almost 13,000,000 views. I’ll allow to explain what …   Read more

Introducing Ameritocracy's Insight On Wikinomics

As you may have noticed, has a new feature. It’s an in-text feedback system called Insight, and had a soft-launch late last week (see the persistent bar at the footer of the page). Already …   Read more

Social Network Analysis: Cool Tools From Cool Dudes

Okay, so neither Charles Armstrong nor Vinicius Vacanti are really “dudes” in the Jeff Bridges, “The Dude abides” sense of the word – in fact, far from it. Armstrong is the founder and CEO of …   Read more

Where's My 'dislike' Facebook Button Already?

This morning I opened up facebook, skimmed my feed, and saw that a friend from high school had posted a video that made an argument that was (in my estimate) intellectually dishonest — and a …   Read more

A Brief History Of OSes

Last month I read Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. It’s one of those books that throws your ideas about the nature of the world up in the air, leaving them differently-arranged  when they land. If you’re at …   Read more

Measuring Collaboration: Lessons From Shane Battier And The NBA

One of the critical challenges with enterprise collaboration (a Steve noted earlier) is determining how to measure and reward it. For inspiration on how to solve this problem, I look to non-corporate collaborative context – …   Read more