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Final Installment: My 20 Big Ideas For 2012

Without fundamental reform, universities will not be able to compete with cheaper and more effective online education providers. While many young people are still going to university, a growing portion of the best and the …   Read more

Part 3: My 20 Big Ideas For 2012

Countries everywhere are struggling to develop effective yet affordable healthcare systems.  But all these debates assume an old model of health where patients are passive recipients of medical care and play little or no role …   Read more

Collaborating For Change In Healthcare

Despite the advancements of modern medicine, our basic approach to healthcare has remained unchanged for centuries. It assumes that physicians are smart and patients aren’t. Doctors wait in their office or hospital for sick people to come to them in order to be told what to do. Traditionally, patients have been passive and ill-informed, playing little or no role in deciding their own treatment.   Read more

Memo To Merck: Rethink Big Pharma!

In a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal, Don Tapscott, co-author of Macrowikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World, notes that in last five years the rate of business model innovation has not accelerated. Overall, the gains have been modest.

In the article, Tapscott offers to help out five struggling industries– big pharma, music, financial risk management, green manufacturing and health care—with interesting suggestions as to how they should rethink their business models.   Read more

Rethinking How We Teach The ‘Net Generation’

Few will argue about America’s colleges and universities being critical to our economic and intellectual future. And by many measures, that future looks promising: Competition for places in the country’s top schools is fiercer than …   Read more

Science’s Big Data Revolution Yields Lessons For All Open Data Innovators

The big data revolution arguably hit science before it hit other institutions. Powerful scientific instruments and pervasive computing have driven quantum leaps in the amount of data available to scientists, raising new challenges for researchers who have had to develop new methods, tools and institutions for managing and exploring massive datasets.   Read more

Edge World Question Center Response: Designing Your Mind

What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit? Given recent research about brain plasticity and the dangers of cognitive load, the most powerful tool in our cognitive arsenal may well be design. Specifically, we can …   Read more

The Food Trade Off

Guest author Moritz Kettler says the world is starving & mass food production is making people & the environment sick. How can the food industry change for the age of networked intelligence?   Read more

Put Patients In Charge Of Their Health

The New York Times reported earlier this week that Britain’s largest software maker, Autonomy, is releasing a new software package to help doctors make diagnoses.  The software is called Autonomy Auminence.  It culls data from …   Read more

Beyond Superman To A New Model Of Education

The film Waiting for Superman has sparked heated discussion about the failures of the U.S. public school system, and more broadly with public education everywhere.  The movie argues that teachers are at the center of the problem and that the solution is charter schools. Do not be deceived.   Read more