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Citizens As Scientists

Earlier this week the New York Times Bits blog had a post about a new research project at ARM Holdings, the British chip designer.   Called mbed, ARM has put together a kit for a microcontroller, …   Read more

Educators To Crowdsource Solutions To Classroom Problems

For years I’ve argued that every institution needs to move from a “plan and push” mentality to a stance of “engage and co-create.” The new web enables all companies and other organizations to stop shoving …   Read more

Mass Collaboration To Improve Climate Data — A New Frontier In Citizen Science

Scientists meeting in the UK this week are crafting a revolutionary new project aimed at transforming their ability to predict meteorological disasters. The goal, as reported by the Guardian, “is to create an international databank that …   Read more

American Universities: The Detroit Of Higher Learning?

Are we seeing the end of university as we know it? On the surface the claim sounds ludicrous. After all, university enrolment is at an all-time high and the competition to get into the most …   Read more

Can Wikinomics Help Rescue The IPCC?

The review committee set up to help revive the beleaguered IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) filed its report yesterday with proposals for wide-ranging changes to the way climate science is done.   Read more

OneBeep Offers One-Way Connectivity To Remote Communities

In true Wikinomics spirit, every year Microsoft’s Imagine Cup challenges students around the world to dream up new ways to use technology to solve some of the planet’s toughest problems. Participation in the contest has …   Read more

Seniors Still In The Dark On New Health Law

Senior Healthcare Roundtable

That fact that people don’t know a lot about what’s in the new health law isn’t exactly news.

But a new poll that shows just how little Grandma and Grandpa know about it must be giving the new law’s supporters a serious case of heartburn.   Read more

The Impending Demise Of The University

Universities are finally losing their monopoly on higher learning, as the web inexorably becomes the dominant infrastructure for knowledge serving both as a container and as a global platform for knowledge exchange between people.   Read more

Innovating The 21st-century University

In the current issue of EDUCAUSE Review, Anthony D. Williams and I have a 6,000-word essay discussing the urgent issues facing universities, that left unresolved, would see intuitions of higher learning going into a death …   Read more

Rebooting The University

In the forthcoming Macrowikinomics , Don Tapscott and I will be arguing that we’ve gone beyond wikinomics to a more encompassing societal shift as businesses and communities bypass crumbling institutions and old ways of doing business.   Read more