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CBC Music A Good Step In The Right Direction

To borrow a title from one of Shakespeare’s plays, the opposition to CBC’s new music service is much ado about nothing. At no cost to the listener, the service streams Canadian music over the Internet, …   Read more

Should We Ditch The Idea Of Privacy?

Since I co-authored a book on privacy and the Internet 15 years ago I’ve been writing about how to manage the various threats to the security and control of our personal information. But today I find myself …   Read more

Where The Multi-Stakeholder Networks Are: An Interview With Don Tapscott

Are networks and relationships changing the fundamental structures of how we organize and operate in the world? In a discussion with noted author of Macrowikinomics and business management thought leader, Don Tapscott, at the annual SXSW conference on interactive, music and film industries held in Austin, we explored some these new patterns for our evolving world.   Read more

SXSWi 2012: Don Tapscott: Radically New Solutions For Institutions In Flux

Todd Watson and I talk with Don Tapscott — speaker, consultant, and author of a multitude of books including Macrowikinomics — about networked intelligence, the digital generation, and cause for optimism.   Read more

Technology As A Tool For Change

It may have begun as a music and film festival, but the South by Southwest (SXSW) extravaganza which kicks off in Austin, Texas on Friday has now become a key venue for discussion about connected …   Read more

Don Tapscott SXSW Interactive Presentation Livestream March 9th 2pm CST

Tune in to the livestream for Don Tapscott’s kickoff presentation for SXSW Interactive on Rethinking Civilization for the Social Age on Friday, March 9th at 2pm CST/8pm GMT Tune in at SXSW.

Forbes: Don Tapscott: Newspapers Are Communities

It has been Don Tapscott, known for his book Wikinomics, to say that opening the traditional newspaper model to specialized bloggers could be an important chance for innovating the newspaper industry: “The model we discuss in …   Read more

Don Tapscott’s Social Media Week Keynote And Interview With The Economist

Don Tapscott joins Social Media Week as the global curator and opening keynote for the 2012 theme of Empowering Change Through Collaboration. Don’s keynote is followed by a Q&A and interview with Economist’s Matthew Bishop.   Read more

My Five Part Series As Global Curator For Social Media Week: Empowering Change Through Collaboration

The debate on the role of social media and change is over. Over the last year, many have questioned just how important social media are in helping activists achieve social change.   Read more

Join The Launch Of My New Series, ReCivilization

Join me on Sunday, January 22nd at 11am for the first episode of my new CBC Radio series, ReCivilization. Our first episode takes on the media industry and is called, Turning the Media Inside Out. ReCivilization is a …   Read more