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20 Big Ideas For 2012

What will happen in 2012? In the spirit of the aphorism “The future is not something to be predicted, it’s something to be achieved,” let me suggest 20 transformations (which Reuters will publish in four …   Read more

Don Tapscott New Marketing Juror For Shorty Awards

The Real-Time Academy Marketing Jury, the group of judges that decide the winners of the Shorty Industry Awards are delighted to announce that Don Tapscott, one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation, media, and …   Read more

The FTC Saves Facebook From Itself

Facebook’s executives are no doubt licking their wounds about the tough sanctions imposed on the company by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The social media juggernaut must now redesign its systems and policies to protect …   Read more

Canada’s Online Beehive

In an age of media fragmentation and balkanization, critics may suggest that the need for the CBC is reduced and that cutting funding would be an easy way for Ottawa to save money. But the …   Read more

Looking Back On My 2011 Projections

One thing pundits rarely do is review their own prognostications.  A year ago I published “10 big themes for 2011” – related to how the digital revolution changes business and society.  It’s helpful to review …   Read more

Chatting With One Of The World’s Top Business Minds

Forbes just released a list of the top 50 business thinkers in the world. And three of the magazine’s top 10 — Roger Martin, Don Tapscott and Malcolm Gladwell — are Canadian. The interviews discussed …   Read more

Don Tapscott As Global Curator For Social Media Week

Empowering change: Reflecting on the global impact of social media and its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, political, economic and social change, Social Media Week’s theme in February 2012 will focus on Empowering Change through Collaboration. Don Tapscott announces his role as global curator.   Read more

Empowering Change Through Collaboration

I’m enthusiastic about taking on the role of “Curator” for social media week. Between now and my kickoff speech Feb 13 to cities around the world, I’ll be writing a series of articles to stimulate thinking and discussion in our global community.   Read more

How Technology Is Changing Your Career

In this interview, Don talks about how he was prodded to be on Twitter by a younger mentor – he notes he’s no Ashton Kutcher but has 30,000 followers – and how you can also design your life to keep in tune with our more collaborative, less hierarchical world.   Read more

Bringing Networked Intelligence To Life

Guest author Jennifer Corriero, TakingITGlobal co-founder, explores how Macrowikinomics explodes openness, collaboration, integrity, sharing & interdependence.   Read more