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Are You Addicted To Social Media?

Last year, former Wikinomics blogger Jeff Perron interviewed Jim Stolze on the virtues of social interaction on the web, posing the rather esoteric question: Does the web make us happy? Related to this, I recently …   Read more

The Privacy Discussion We Need To Have

I’ve written previously about gleaning insight into consumer habits by looking at log files, and profiled the so-called “bot mediated reality” of security consultant turned fiction author Daniel Suarez. So, when facebook’s latest privacy debacle …   Read more

Facebook = Evil. Quit Now Or Die!

Okay, I don’t mean that. What I really mean is, fix your privacy settings, think about what you are posting if you have anything like a job or a future at stake, and get on …   Read more

A Rough Week For Facebook (and The Privacy Of Facebook Users)

Early last week a blog post titled Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook starting making the rounds. The article has been followed by a dogpile of evidence supporting any decision to quit the site. …   Read more

Is “” An Internet Inevitability?

I just heard about the site Unvarnished in Jeremiah Owyang’s daily email, and decided to check it out. It is still in beta. I think people need to read this page to draw their own …   Read more

Playbor: When Work And Fun Coincide

People are busy and increasingly pulled in many directions: working, raising a family, maintaining a home, pursuing personal ambitions, and socializing with friends are all conflicting interests vying for an individual’s time. One of the …   Read more

Security, Security, Security…

Employees are the weak link in security. Everyone knows that, right? You just cannot trust them not to open phishing emails and click on links that take them to bad places and allow intruders access …   Read more

The Dangers Of GeoTweeting:

Last summer, while on vacation, a blogger tweeted about being away from home–tweets that he believed led to burglars breaking into his house and robbing him while on his vacation. While there was never any …   Read more

Self-destructing Data: The Return Of Internet Privacy

There is no such thing as privacy on the Internet anymore—anything you say or do lives on ad infinitum in Internet memory. In the intro of his Harvard paper, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger notes that “In March …   Read more

Carpong: Riding With Your SMS On

“Have you ever wanted to say something to the driver of the car in front of you?  Maybe tell him he is a lunatic behind the wheel?” Yes. “Or tell that girl in the car …   Read more