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Daniel Suarez And Bot-mediated Reality

Over the break a friend linked me to a tremendous speech given at the Long Now Foundation by IT security consultant-turned author Daniel Suarez. Here’s the video, it’s an hour plus questions. I’ll give my …   Read more

Strange Or Friendly

I have some great friends, no doubt, but sometimes I prefer strangers. When being given recommendations online for anything from books, to restaurants, to baby furniture, I often heed the advice of complete unknowns. Thanks …   Read more

Don’t Feed The Trolls

danah boyd, researcher at Microsoft Research New England, Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and publisher of the apophenia blog, had plenty to say to the audience at Web 2.0 in …   Read more

H1N1 Isn’t The Only Pesky Virus Going Around

Unfortunately, the world is not ending any time soon — but some people seem to believe it is. The Guardian is reporting that the viral marketing campaign for 2012 (a movie about the end of …   Read more

Welcome To The Machine

There’s no shortage of techno-cautionary sci-fi literature out there, but the piece that recently caught my attention is remarkable in that it was written 100 years ago and yet is eerily relevant today. A few …   Read more

Are Social Media Elitist?

Several pieces I read recently, as well as a conversation with a friend, have me questioning whether the crowd around social media is elitist, whether I am elitist. The first piece that planted a seed …   Read more

Mad Men And The Executive Assistant 2.0

I was watching the AMC show Mad Men over the weekend and it occurred to me that if I had my position as a knowledge worker in an organization 40 years ago, I’d probably have …   Read more

The Digital Identity Divide

If you haven’t conducted this experiment yet, visit the MIT Personas project and type your name into the search field. What comes out is a visual representation of your digital self. As noted on the …   Read more