Macrowikinomics Discovery Day

Discovery Day

To celebrate the launch of Macrowikinomics, we are thrilled to be announcing that we’ll be hosting Discovery Day on 10.10.10, one global day to celebrate collaboration, innovation and the web, and to help connect people to local and global innovation groups that help make our communities better.

We’ve partnered with, Netsquared, Mozilla Drumbeat and Meetup, among others, and invite people to self-organize celebrations around the world. We’ll be livestreaming content and featuring stories from participating cities to help share ideas, stories and resources, and to help provide opportunities for collaboration across the sectors. And cities will have the opportunity to interact with the authors via video and live webchat.

To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter @macrowikinomics. If you’re interested in hosting a gathering of 100 or more people, contact about funding for your event.

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