Introducing Ameritocracy's Insight On Wikinomics

As you may have noticed, has a new feature. It’s an in-text feedback system called Insight, and had a soft-launch late last week (see the persistent bar at the footer of the page). Already a couple of Wikinomics readers have used this new feature to leave some feedback (on an earlier post of mine, no less!).

Wikinomics is the second site to test drive this technology, the first being The Huffington Post, which is using the feature for an “interactive investigation” of Obama’s proposed health care bill.

The quick instructions for use are as follows:

What Insight is and how to use it:

Insight is a tool that allows readers ask questions or leave comments in-line, or simply give quick feedback, on the specific parts of content that they find interesting.

To get started, readers just:

Step One: Highlight text with their mouse that is interesting to them.

Step Two: Leave feedback, ask a question, or add an in-line “Insight” (cite your facts when possible).

Step Three: Register for Insight when prompted (users can leave a comment or rating 10 times, as a “temporary user”, before we require them to regsiter).

There is a screencast available if you click the “Learn more” or “What is this?” link on the application.

We’re working with the Insight team to further streamline the experience, so please let us know what you think of the new feature either in a comment on this post, or using insight itself.