Discovery Learning Is The New Higher Learning

Encyclopedias, record labels and publishers were once in the business of producing unique content that generated big revenues. All are being bludgeoned by the digital age that brought abundance, mass participation, democratized production and the rise of a new delivery channel — the Internet.

A similar fate could soon await Canada’s universities. On the surface, they may seem in good health. Competition is fierce and lecture halls are packed with young, tech-savvy learners. But as the Globe and Mail‘s series on higher education has clearly revealed, deep anxieties exist.

The university is in danger of losing its monopoly, and for good reason. The most visible threat are the new online courses, many of them free, with some of the best professors in their respective fields. Students are beginning to wonder whether to pay today’s hefty tuition fees, especially if third-party testers will provide certificates, diplomas, even degrees.

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Don Tapscott

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