Does The Green State Of Denmark Really Show The Way Forward?

Denmark is renown for wind power and its impressive accomplishments in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions at a time when those of most other countries are growing vociferously.

Today, 20 per cent of the power generated in Denmark comes from wind. Green energy technology and services account for 12% of national exports. And while North American carbon emissions have risen by around 30 per cent since 1990, Denmark’s emissions are actually lower than they were two decades ago.

In our new book Macrowikinomics, Don Tapscott and I cite Denmark as a leading example of how the citizens, government and private enterprise can collaborate to drive green energy innovation. I think we got it mostly right, but energy analyst Jeff Rubin has a new post today that reveals details that alter the overall picture somewhat. . .

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Does the green state of Denmark really show the way forward?

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