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  • CTV News, Canada’s national news broadcast interviews Don Tapscott on his latest app, New Solutions for a Connected Planet.

    Watch the full interview on CTV News.

  • What appetite exists for a world where there are no more non-fiction books, but non-fiction apps? CBC Radio’s Laura Di Battista discussed the idea with business thinker Don Tapscott, who’s just launched his latest venture, the Don Tapscott app.

    Listen to the podcast on CBC Radio.

  • In his foreword of the white paper ‘The great technology take-up’, Don Tapscott makes the case for collaboration, co-creation and a new set of business principles. Tapscott, among others known as the author ofWikinomics looks at the changing paradigms in increasingly connected times.

    When we use the term ‘connected’, we often immediately think about technologies, the Internet and social media. However, the world is more connected than ever before in other ways too. In his foreword, Don writes ‘the challenges of sovereign debt, economic malaise, youth unemployment, social unrest, resource scarcity and other problems are all connected’.

    Read the full article in BT.

  • When I was informed about a new app from a business leader I follow and connect with often, Don Tapscott, I was definitely intrigued. Mr. Tapscott has put out  a lot of thought-leadership material since his most recent bestseller with Anthony D. Williams, Macrowikinomics, although until now, it has not been in a single space where you can see his wide span of ideas.

    Read the full article in Forbes.

  • Don Tapscott, author of 14 books including, most recently Macrowikinomics, recently announced he is publishing his first iPad application–New Solutions for a Connected Planet.

    “I haven’t given up on books completely and am also pursuing the e-book model,” Tapscott said when I emailed him about his latest venture. “However, it’s clear that people, especially young people, are consuming content in profoundly new ways. An app provides me with a platform not just to present audio and video but to create a social experience for people interested in my work.”

    Read the full article in Fast Company.

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