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11 Responses to Order Macrowikinomics

  1. Lowesresearch

    The price point please?

  2. Anonymous

    @dtapscott, I would like to buy a macrowikinomics book, I`m in Bogota Colombia, where I can get @macrowikinomics here dont found it. I have to do ?

  3. Modern Reader

    eBook Please!!!!

  4. anil kumar agrawal

    i want to purchase macrowikinomics. Where can I get it. I am at Bhopal, Madhya pradesh, India.I can not find it .What I have to do.

  5. Brazil business
    where to Get
    Portuguese version?

  6. eva

    I’m from Portugal and i would like to buy the book! When i can buy it here in europ ?

    And congratulations ! Love wikinomics

  7. Mike Bathalon

    Of all the books that should be available as an e-book, this one is it! Love the book, but let’s be true to the message! Can we get an e-book already?!

  8. G

    E book please

    • Macrowikinomics

      There is an ebook version of Macrowikiomics available at your favourite store or online retailer.

  9. I personally seem to go along with almost everything that has been posted within “Order Macrowikinomics –
    Macrowikinomics”. Thanks for all the information.
    Thanks for your time-Augustus

  10. It’s hard to find educated people about this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!